90 Minute IPA     12oz                                                   9
Dog Fish Head Brewery (Milton DE) Imperial IPA 9% ABV

All Day IPA                                                                       8
Founders Brewing Co. (Grand Rapids MI) Session IPA 4.7% ABV

Blood Transfusion                                                         9
Track 7 Brewing Company (Sacramento, CA) IPA – American 6.3% AB

Brew Free or Die                                                            8
21st Amendment (San Francisco CA) American IPA 7% ABV

Bunny with A Chainsaw  16oz                                   10
Paperback Brewing Co. (Glendale, CA) IPA – Imperial / Double 8.2% ABV

Cool Kidz  12oz                                                                 8
Calicraft Brewing Company (Walnut Creek, CA) IPA – American 7.2% ABV

Fresh Squeezed IPA                                                        8
Deschutes Brewery (Bend OR) American IPA 6.4% ABV

Golden Gate Haze                                                           7
Lost Coast Brewery (Eureka, CA) New England IPA 6.4% ABV

Hops of Wrath   12oz                                                     8
Dust Bowl Brewing Co. (Turlock CA) IPA – American 6.6% ABV

Lagunitas IPA                                                                  8
Lagunitas Brewery (Petaluma CA) IPA – American 6.2%ABV

Mai Tai                                                                               9
Alvarado Street Brewery (Monterey, CA) American IPA 6.5% ABV

Mango West Coast IPA                                                 9
BarrelHouse Brewing Co. (Paso Robles, CA) American IPA 6.2% ABV

Racer 5                                                                               8
Bear Republic (Healdsburg CA) American IPA 7% ABV

Sculpin IPA                                                                      8
Ballast Point Brewing Co. (San Diego CA) India Pale Ale 7% ABV

Space Dust                                                                       8
Elysian Brewing Co. (Seattle, WA) IPA – American 8.2% ABV

Stash Panda                                                                    8
Hop Valley Brewing Company (Eugene, OR) IPA – American 6.5% ABV

Therapist                                                                        10
Dust Bowl Brewing Co. (Turlock CA) Imperial IPA – Triple 10.4% ABV

Voodoo Ranger Juicy Haze  12oz                            8
New Belgium Brewing Co. (Fort Collins, CO) IPA – American 7.5% ABV

West Coast IPA                                                              9

Green Flash Brewing Co. (San Diego CA) IPA – American 7% ABV


805 Blonde Ale                                                                    8
Firestone Walker Co. (Paso Robles CA) American Blonde Ale 4.7% ABV

Anchor Steam                                                                 8
Anchor Brewing Co. (San Francisco CA) Steam Beer 4.9% ABV

Daisy Cutter                                                                    8
Half Acre Beer Co. (Chicago, IL) Pale Ale – American 5.2% ABV

Dale’s Pale Ale                                                                8
Oskar Blues Brewery (Longmont, CO) Pale Ale – American 6.5% ABV

Drake’s 1500    12oz                                                          7
Drake’s Brewing Co. (San Leandro, CA) Pale Ale – American 5.5% ABV

Golden Gate Blonde Ale                                                7
Lost Coast Brewery (Eureka, CA) Blonde Ale 5% ABV

KSA Kölsch                                                                      8
Fort Point Beer Co. (San Francisco, CA) Kölsch   4.6% ABV

Little Sumpin Sumpin                                                     8
Lagunitas Brewery (Petaluma CA) Pale Wheat Ale 7.5% ABV

Mirror Pond                                                                    8
Deschutes Brewery (Bend, Oregon) American Pale Ale 5.0%ABV

Oak Town                                                                       9
Calicraft Brewing Co. (Walnut Creek, CA) Brown Ale – American 6.7% ABV

Red Trolley                                                                     8
Karl Strauss Brewing Co. (San Diego CA) Red Ale 5.8% ABV

Ruedrich’s Red Seal Ale     12oz                                        7
North Coast Brewing (Fort Bragg, CA) Red Ale – American Amber5.4% ABV

Sierra Nevada                                                                 8
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. (Chico CA) Pale Ale 5.6% ABV

Tank 7                                                                             9
Boulevard Brewing Co. (Kansas City, MO) Farmhouse Ale-Saison 8.5% ABV

Tome Hazy Ale                                                                8
Half Acre Beer Co. (Chicago, IL) Pale Ale – New England / Hazy 5.5% ABV

Under Pressure   16oz                                                     9
Paperback Brewing Company (Glendale, CA) Pale Ale 5.5% ABV


Brother Thelonious     12oz                                              8
North Coast Brew. Co. (Fort Bragg CA) Belgian Strong Dark Ale 9.4% ABV

Chimay Red     11.2oz                                                         9
Bieres de Chimay S.A. (Baileux, Belgium) Belgian Dubbel 7% ABV

Chimay White     11.2oz                                                   10
Bieres de Chimay S.A. (Baileux, Belgium) Belgian Tripel 8% ABV

Chimay Blue     11.2oz                                                      11
Bieres de Chimay S.A. (Baileux, Belgium) Belgian Strong Dark Ale 9% ABV

Delirium Tremens    11oz                                                9
Brouwerij Huyghe (Belgium) Belgian Strong Pale Ale 8.5% ABV

Hoegaarden Wit/Blanche    12oz                                 8
Hoegaarden (Vlaanderen Belgium) Wheat Beer – Witbier 4.9% ABV

Pranqster     12oz                                                               8
North Coast Brewing Co. (Fort Bragg CA) Belgian Strong Pale Ale 7.6% ABV


530                                                                                      8
Farmers Brewing Company (Princeton, CA) Wheat Beer – American Pale Wheat 5% ABV

Allagash White                                                               8
Allagash Brewing Co. (Portland ME) Witbier 5% ABV

Blue Moon                                                                       8
Blue Moon Brewing Co. (Golden CO) Witbier 5.4% ABV

Franziskhaner                                                               8
Spaten Franziskhaner Brau (Munchen, Germany) Hefeweizen 5% ABV

Great White                                                                    8
Lost Coast Brewery (Eureka, CA) Wheat Beer Witbier / Blanche 4.8% ABV

Paulaner Hefe-Weizen     11.2oz                               7
Paulaner Brauerei (Munich, Germany) Wheat 5.5% ABV

Purple Haze     12oz                                                        7
Abita Brewery Co. (Abita Spring LA) Wheat 4.2% ABV

Tangerine Wheat                                                           8
Lost Coast Brewery  (Eureka CA) Wheat Beer 5.2% ABV


Bud Light     12oz                                                               6
Anheuser Busch (Saint Louis MO) American Light Lager 4.2% ABV

Budweiser     12oz                                                             6
Anheuser Busch (Saint Louis MO) American Lager 5% ABV

California Lager                                                               8
Anchor Brewing Co. (San Francisco CA) American Pale Lager 4.9% ABV

Coors Light     12oz                                                            6
Colors Brewing Co. (Golden CO) Light Lager 4.2% ABV

Corona Extra     12oz                                                         7
Grupo Modelo Brewing Co. (Mexico City, Mexico) Lager 4.6% ABV

Heineken     12oz                                                                 7
Heineken Brewery (Netherlands) European Pale Lager 5% ABV

Death & Taxes                                                                    8
Moonlight Brewing Co. (Santa Rosa, CA) Lager – Dark 5% ABV

Golden Gate Lager                                                           7
Brewed by Napa Smith Brewery (Napa CA) American Lager 5% ABV

Hobo Pilsner     12oz                                                         7
Dust Bowl Brewing Co. (Turlock CA) Pilsner – German 5.3% ABV

Lone Star     12oz                                                                6
Pabst Brewing Co. (Woodridge IL) American Lager 4.72% ABV

Miller Highlife     12oz                                                       6
Miller Brewing Co. (Milwaukee WI) American Lager 4.6% ABV

Modelo                                                                                   8
Grupo Modelo (Mexico City, Mexico) Lager 4.4% ABV

Michelob ULTRA   12oz                                                    6
Contract Brewery (Bozeman, MT) Lager – American 4.1% ABV

Pony Pils                                                                                8
Half Acre Beer Co. (Chicago, IL) Pilsner – German 5.5% ABV

Sapporo     12oz                                                                    7
Sapporo Breweries Ltd (Tokyo, Japan) Japanese Rice Lager 5% ABV

Scrimshaw                                                                            8
North Coast Brewing Co. (Fort Bragg CA) German Pilsner 4.4% ABV

Stella Artois                                                                         8
Stella Artois Brewery (Leuven, Belgium) European Pale Lager 5% ABV

The Crisp  Pilz   12oz                                                         7
Sixpoint Brewery (Brooklyn, NY) Pilsner – German 5.4% ABV

Trumer Pils                                                                          8
Trumer Brauerei Berkeley (Berkeley CA) German Pilsner 4.8% ABV


Ace Pineapple Cider                                                     8
The California Cider Co. (Sebastopol, CA) Cider – Other Fruit 5% ABV

Angry Orchard                                                                8
Angry Orchard Cider Co. (Cincinnati OH) Apple Cider 5% ABV

Crush Sours    12oz 10 Barrel Brewing Co. (Bend, OR) Sour – Fruited 8
Cucumber 5% ABV             Raspberry 6.5% ABV            Guava 5.5% ABV

Goses Are Red    10oz                                                     8
The Bruery Terreux  (Anaheim, CA)  Sour – Fruited Gose

Dark Cherry                                                                      8
Locust Cider (Gig Harbor, WA) Cider – Dry 6% ABV

Magners     12oz                                                                7
Bulmers Ireland (Tipperary, Ireland) Irish Cider 4.5% ABV

Mighty Dry                                                                         8
Golden State Cider (Sebastopol, CA) Cider Dry 6.3% ABV

Sour Monkey     10oz                                                       9
Victory Brewing Co. (Downingtown, PA) Sour/Wild Ale 9.5% ABV

Tag + Jug Brut Cider                                                       8
Tag + Jug Cider Co. (San Francisco, CA) Cider-Trad. /Apfelwein7.5% ABV


Cavatica Stout                                                                          8
Fort George Brewery (Astoria, OR) Stout – Imperial / Double 8.8% ABV

Dragon’s Milk    12oz                                                              9
New Holland Brewing (Holland, MI) Stout –  Imperial / Double 11% ABV

Guinness                                                                                    8
Guinness Ltd (Dublin, Ireland) Irish Dry Stout 4.2% ABV

Icelandic Toasted Porter    12oz                                        8
Einstök Ölgerð (Akureyri, Norðurland Iceland) Porter – Baltic 6.3%ABV

North Sky Stout    16oz                                                         9
High Water Brewing (Lodi, CA United States) Stout 6.5% ABV

Peanut Butter Milk Stout                                                    9
Belching Beaver Brewery (Vista, CA) Stout – Milk / Sweet 5.3% ABV


Soft Drinks (Free refills)                                                     4
Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Root Beer, Unsweetened Ice Tea

Juices (No refills)
OJ, Cranberry Juice, Grapefruit Juice, Pineapple Juice         4

Red Bull or Sugar Free Red bull                                       5


Heineken 0.0     12oz                                                         4
Brauerei Becks Co. (Germany) Non Alcoholic Beer

Omission Wheat Ale     12oz                                             6
Widmer Bros Brewing Co.(Portland, OR) Gluten Free Wheat Ale 4.6% ABV


High Noon (ask server for flavor of the week)    12oz                          7
High Noon Spirits Co.  (Modesto, CA) 4.5% ABV
100 Calories • Gluten Free

Topo Chico Strawberry Guava    12oz                                                         6
Topo Chico Hard Seltzer (Plano, TX) Hard Seltzer 4.7% ABV

White Claw Hard Seltzer (ask server for flavor of the week)    12oz            7
White Claw Seltzer Works (Chicago, IL) 5% ABV
100 Calories • Gluten Free



Cabernet Sauvignon
House Cabernet                                                                8      32
Rabble, Paso Robles CA                                                  15     50

Pinot Noir
House Pinot Noir                                                              8      32
Talbott, Monterey, CA                                                            15     50


House Chardonnay                                                                8       32
Trefethen, Napa, CA                                                              15       50

Sauvignon Blanc                                                                        
House   Sauvignon Blanc                                                    8       32
Astrolabe, Marlborough, NZ                                               15       50

House Rosé                                                                                   8       32
Whispering Angel Rosé                                                     15       50


House Sparkling                                                                         6      24

Domaine Chandon Brut                      Yountville CA      12      48

Domaine Chandon Brut Rosé           Yountville CA      12      48

San Francisco Location

449 Powell Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

General information: 415-677-9999
Reservations: 415-281-9000

– Hours of Operation –

FRIDAY 12:00PM – 2:00AM
SATURDAY 9:00AM – 2:00AM
SUNDAY 9:30AM – 2:00AM
*Will stay open later on certain days depending on business*

We are 21 & OVER after 9PM. Before 9pm children are allowed.
*May be subject to change during big sporting events.*


Thank you for considering hosting your special event at Golden Gate Tap Room.
We will place all our experience and attention to detail at your service
to execute a memorable event.